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With AdMail our goals go beyond helping to drive more conversions to our partners. We offer consumers the option to opt-into receive offerings that will improve their way of life. Timely digital ads, that can be personalized will lead to timely purchases, especially when consumers see the benefit in the offerings and know that they are helping to reduce the amount of paper junk mail used by local businesses and marketing agencies.

Become a Local Business Partner of AdMailLocal Business Partnership

The AdMail app will truly revolutionize the way local businesses conduct their advertising & marketing to consumers. We’ll make it less technical to use digital advertising where local businesses don’t have to hire digital specialist to compete with bigger businesses. You’ won’t have to worry about hiring some rocket scientist to out smart an algorithm, all we ask is you respect to consumer rights, great offers, and consumer rewards, nothing out of the ordinary.

AdMail aims to give consumers more control over ads that they interact with, hence more buying power. You can become an earlier partner of AdMail and reap some awesome benefits. The greatest reward, you can help us slow down junk mail, while delivering instant offers to customers and having a more targeted reach. Let’s do this together, improve digital marketing for local businesses!

Become a Marketing Agency Partner of AdMailMarketing Agency Partnership

Marketing agencies can help with our goals as well. We’re not asking you to do anything different, continue managing local businesses marketing! When you sign up the local businesses that your agency manages, they’ll receive our agency rates for using the AdMail marketing platform.

You help us with our goal of getting local businesses to reduce their use of paper junk mail ads, and we’ll help you with your goals of getting local business ads in front of people who want the products or services that they are offering. Through the convenience of the AdMail app, you’ll be able to provide your clients access to customers who are ready to take action.

Become a Non-Profit Business Partner of AdMailNon-Profit Partnership

We’re here for your cause, now let the local community know about all the great work that you’ve done and can do in the future with their support. We’re here to help you find great people that will help to support your cause. Get your message out on time, and with reduced environmental impact when you choose to use the AdMail app. Beyond making your message more visibility, people will be able to interact with your non-profit organization through AdMail and share your cause directly with their friends and family. Let’s all get in this together of making the world are more thoughtful and better place!

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