What is AdMail?

Stop the Junk, Save a Trunk

What is AdMail?

Delivering Digital Advertising Mail

AdMail’s immediate and long term goals are to help to drastically reduce junk advertising mail while also providing a mobile platform for small businesses to use to reach consumers in a more efficient, and cost effective way, while also saving trees and bettering our environment. AdMail wants to take local business advertising digital in place of direct advertising mail. Even with digital advertising opportunities through Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms, businesses are still sending out unsolicited paper junk mail to customers who are simply throwing it out and ignoring their efforts. If this weren’t so, paper advertising mail would not be known as junk mail for as long as its been coined so. AdMail wants to make a more business friendly Groupon for businesses by creating the AdMail App which will give consumers access to ads when they need them, while also protecting their privacy.

By providing a more efficient and cost effective digital advertising opportunity to business owners, we can help save millions of trees, while also influencing the paper industry to make more essential products like paper towels, tissue paper, and so forth. Consumers will also benefit from the AdMail App as they won’t have to worry about receiving tons of paper junk mail per year. As mentioned, consumer privacy will be a priority as well, so consumers can safely use the AdMail App without worry of receiving junk e-mail in their inbox. To start off on our mission, we’re offering junk mail opt-out memberships to consumers to help us reduce paper junk mail. We feel that these consumers that care about our environment are our top priority, that is why we’ve made an unlimited opt-out plan for up to four family members so that we can speed up the process of reducing junk mail.

Simplify Opting-Out of Junk Mail

Opting-Out of junk mail can be a very confusing process. It’s often times not clear why you are receiving junk mail in the first place. Junk mail can be even more frustrating because at times you’ll receive the same offers over and over, even though you have not responded to any of the previous mailings. You may have either disposed of your junk mail, or they’re sitting in the infamous junk mail pile. Don’t feel bad, almost every household has a junk mail pile somewhere in the corner of a room.

You can now look at your junk mail, and kiss it goodbye. AdMail simplifies the process of opting out of junk mail lists, for individuals and their families. By becoming a member of AdMail, we’ll do the heavy lifting by getting you removed from mailing lists that you didn’t sign up for in the first place. We’ll do our best to make sure companies that are targeting you with paper ads are stopped in their tracks and held accountable for their irresponsible actions. Don’t worry, we’re not looking to put anyone out of business. We totally support entrepreneurs and local businesses, and that is why we’ll be creating the AdMail App, to take business marketing digital instead of depending on paper junk mail.

Stop Junk Mail with AdMail

At AdMail, we know there are more essential items that can be created with the trees that are cut down to create paper junk mail. For instance, we wouldn’t have to worry about paper towel, or paper tissue shortages were we to use the paper wasted on junk mail for those more essential items that can be used in every household for everyday tasks. Although there are households that recycle their junk mail, many end up throwing junk mail immediately in their waste bins or it sits around for months in the corner of the house. This doesn’t help the environment, because trees are being wasted and unfortunately there is currently no accountability amongst companies utilizing direct paper mail. That is where AdMail comes in. Our goals are to get more and more households as members in order to reach our ultimate goal of delivering paper free ads that offer more rewards, and more convenient ways for businesses to reach consumers.

Save Trees, Protect Your Privacy

There’s been plenty of debates on how useful junk mail can be in today’s digital world. Believe it or not, billions of dollars are spent by companies to get their direct mail into your mailbox. To top it all off, the United States Postal Office even offers services to deliver direct mail to your house as there are no laws against this. Plenty of laws exist for unsolicited phone calls, e-mails, and faxes, but none of the sort exist for completely stopping junk mail from being delivered to your mailbox. One might ask, why is it illegal for companies to randomly call consumers, when it isn’t illegal to randomly mail them an ad? There are more consequences to using paper mail, not only to the environment, but also to your privacy. That’s why at AdMail, we’re ready to defend our members by helping to protect their privacy, while also helping to save more trees, even if it’s for creating more essential paper products. We’re here to help to stop junk mail when you become a member of AdMail.


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