Why Am I Getting So Much Unsolicited Junk Mail?

Stop the Junk, Save a Trunk

Stop Unsolicited Junk Mail

Your Good Credit May Be Getting You More Junk Mail

There could be several reasons why you’re getting so much junk mail. You may be getting junk mail because your credit was pulled for a service, or product you were interested in purchasing. You may also be getting junk mail because you purchased a service or product that your credit was run for. For instance, when you purchase a house, you’ll get junk mail for warranty plans, and other types of junk mail that companies feel that new home owners are more likely to purchase. Businesses are also able to prescreen your credit worthiness through credit reporting agencies. You’ll have to manually opt out of this if you want to stop receiving credit card offers.

Speaking of credit, if you have average to good credit score, companies are more likely send you unsolicited junk mail because they know you pay your bills. Infact, financial services businesses are protected in sharing your personal information, there are flexibe laws on privacy laws that prevents them from doing so. Consumers who are on time with their bills are more likely to have the flexibility to make more purchases. That’s the main purpose why companies send out unsolicited junk mail, to turn you into a customer. Whether blind advertising mail works or not is up for debate, but at AdMail we feel like a majority of junk mail ends up in the trash, that’s why we offer our junk mail opt-out service to members. We offer our opt out service because we know it can be a hefty task to stop junk mail, but we also know there are people out there that care about our environment and want to save trees by limiting the amount of junk mail that companies send out.

Several Ways that Companies Get Your Personal Information

Unfortunately, companies also sell your information to third parties, at times with or without your consent, and this is why your mailbox becomes full of unwanted junk mail, catalogs, and flyers. Companies can also get your information from the government (property records, marriage certificates, driver’s license, voter registration, etc.), the post office, and list brokers (rent, sell, or trade your information). Once your data is collected or sold, you’re placed on various mailing lists for specific products or services, and unfortunately the unsolicited advertising mail won’t stop regardless of if you make purchases or not. Replying to companies sending you junk mail can also be futile as well as at times their campaigns are set for months at a time.

How to Stop Unsolicited Junk Mail in its Tracks

With AdMail, we’re proactive in removing your personal information from unsolicited mailing lists, and online directories. AdMail provides members with several ways to opt-out of junk mail. Although there are no laws preventing unsolicited advertising mail (federal privacy laws let you opt-out), we believe that companies should respect your privacy, as well as respect the environment. When you become a member of AdMail, you’ll be able to limit the amount of unsolicited junk mail that you’re getting, as well as save some trees to make the environment better for all of our futures. Become a member today and make a difference.



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